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A Message from CSCMP Silicon Valley/SF

March, May 2022 events canceled, leadership opportunities

CSCMP Silicon Valley / San Francisco has been a leading Roundtable among the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ global network for decades.  We’re particularly recognized for the caliber of our networking events and featured speakers from iconic companies.

We are grateful to our partnering sponsor companies for helping us bring value to the broader SF Bay Area supply chain community since 2020 despite unprecedented challenge.  We must cancel remaining Spring 2022 programs for lack of time for promotion and development.

Again, we thank our sponsors for helping us through 2020-2021 and for making this season’s Oct, Nov and Jan events worthwhile for all who were able to join us.

Going into the 2021-2022, most of our leadership team had already completed 2-year terms and agreed to serve an additional year through these challenging pandemic times.

And now, there is unprecedented opportunity for new leadership!

CSCMP typically recruits and trains a new slate of officers in the Spring, plans programs over the summer and then executes a fresh season launching in September. SFRT has openings in president, vp membership, vp programs, treasurer and YP leadership roles.

Reach out to Nominating Chair Shawn Nelson at if you’re interested.

Thank you!

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